The terrible twos!
Two years old and wanting a kiss
He can be very affectionate.....
Max and Verity, his full sister.
When Max was 2 years old "Madame Verity" was born; she is his full sister.
She is very cheeky, but she loves her big brother.
Max at his first ever show, aged 2 years.

When Max was 2 years old Natalie took him to his very first show.
Poor little chap was loaded on the lorry the day before the show and taken to a friend's yard to be bathed, then put back on the lorry again.
In the morning he was plaited and loaded again.
At the show he was a little angel; the one thing that startled him was seeing people riding, but he soon took it all in his stride.
Much to our delight he behaved himself in the ring and didn't try to tank off, all in all an excellent day.

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