In January 2003 Sybil Queen of Diamonds (English Springer Spaniel) had 3 puppies.
They were funny little things, and Sapphire adored them.
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Moose, aka Boismoor Diamond Merchant.
Lottie, aka Boismoor Dreamalot.
Lottie chewing Sapphire's leg while moose eggs her on.
Lottie cuddling.
Lottie wrestling....grrrrr
It's alright, Moose, she's not hurting me. Boismoor Tuppenny Bay watching.
Lottie says I loves ya really auntie sapph!
Moose still wants to join in.
Moose says he loves her too.
loves her lots and lots...
Lottie offers a pedicure lesson to Moose and Bay
Moose wants yet another kiss...
me too....!
are you SURE you don't have milk, Auntie?

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