Whizzie's third and final litter

Born 24th November 2004
Sire: CH Videx Varus

Day 10 to day 18

This week has seen the pups open their eyes and start to explore their world. They are walking with increasing confidence, but if they try to run they just tumble and roll over. They have begun to interact with each other, and are already experimenting with their voices. They can be extremely noisy and demanding! Whizzie has free access to them at all times, she has a bed just outside their area so she can watch them without being molested. She is now happy to leave them sleeping and spend more time with the rest of the family.

Time for a tummy wash.
Flat out.
Lying back and thinking of England???
The eyes are starting to open.
2 weeks old and so much bigger already.
Noses are growing too!
These 2 are most probably shorthaired.
Snoozing again.....
I'm a wolf in mouse's clothing!

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